Aline and Nicholas

He planned SF trip getaway for the day on July 30 2015 and wanted to have picnic on twin peaks. After reaching the twin peaks it was so cold we couldn’t even get out of the car so we decided to go picnic at Dolores park. After numerous attempts to find parking we finally found a parking. We get out of the car to only find out a sign that read ” no parking on Thursday between 12-2pm” (it was 1pm). As imagined it left us frustrated so we decided to drive and came to lands end trail with gorgeous view but we didn’t expect hiking in our sandals which left me more frustrated and after our hike we stopped at fort point and he kept asking me to walk in the sand and I was starting to get even more frustrated when he surprisingly started telling me the nicest things and didn’t make sense until he pulled out a box and asked me if I will marry him.
Although the trip didn’t go as planned and I wasn’t dressed to the occasion it was all worth it in the end and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

Image 1 of Aline and Nicholas