Alina and Roupen


How We Met

If someone had ever told me that I would meet my future husband at the GYM!!! I’d think they’ve gone mad…

Believe it or not it did happen at the gym! And not just any gym, but a gym at work! We both work for the same company- yes. Luckily the company is very big and we are in different departments and by no means do work together. Thank God! Ha ha so it’s all good on that part.

So back to how it all happened. I was doing my regular regime at the gym: cardio first and then some weights. Usually I would get to the weird part around 7PM when classes are over and I got to have an entire aerobics room to myself. I just love being there doing my little workout by myself without anyone interrupting me. Well one day he came into the room and totally invaded my privacy. Honestly I didn’t mind because he was so cute and handsome so I was like ok…

While I was doing my abs exercises, he asked me: “Is this working for you?” With a big smile on his face. I got a bit lost and said: “Not really!” and giggled. He laughed back. As I finished my exercise he came up to me and said: “I’m Roupen- pleasure to meet you” shaking my hand. And I said “Likewise, I’m Alina”. And this is how it all began. At the gym :-)

how they asked

It was a very,very early, but absolutely beautiful morning on 06.01.2016 on the most romantic and breathtaking Greek island- Santorini.

It was out summer vacation- 2 weeks in Greece! This was truly unforgettable! Certainly because he asked…, but also because Greece is a live postcard. Too beautiful to describe, you have to be there to be able to embrace the beauty.

Santorini was our 3rd stop in Greece, but now the last. As my now future husband and I were going over our agenda and plans on how to spend 4 days on the island, he had noted that one day we would have to wake up very, very early to see Santorini’s beautiful sunrise. Santorini is known for its sunsets, however he said it would be great to see a sunrise because it may be just a stunning. I said ok, when would that be and he replied back, oh you will find out soon! Hmm tempting and intriguing I thought, but the thought of him proposing didn’t really cross my mind.

So, May 31st in the evening we had a delicious, big Greek dinner and lots of wine and that’s when he said- oh by the way, we have to see the sunrise tomorrow! We have to wake up at 5:30AM, oh and I asked the photographer to take pictures of us. I was not very happy about waking up this early after such a big dinner and so much wine, and having a photographer there?? What?? This doesn’t sound like Roupen! But oh well, I said sure! I’ll be up bright and early.

The morning has finally arrived and we did wake up at 5:30AM. Yeah, on a holiday! Who does this? :-) I put myself together, trying to look decent for pictures. We left our hotel( which by the way was stunning and my now future husband to be had booked a honeymoon suit, shouldn’t have this given me a hint? Nope it didn’t!)

We are waking on the tiny, narrow streets, which were also empty and Oia gets very crowded, taking pictures and laughing. At one point we got up on the hill of Oia Castle ruins and we saw the sun rising and oh how beautifully it was embracing the white doll houses highlighting the blue domes and of course making the Aegean Sea look at its best. It was literally shining. So magical. The day was starting, the island was waking up, I felt so much alive like never before! I was stunned by the sunrise. It was absolutely worth waking up his early. All of a sudden I hear the photographer saying- now, now is a perfect timing. I’m thinking to myself if to capture the light for pictures I guess meanwhile I’m seeing Roupen smiling and slowly bending and next thing I realize he’s in his knee!! Say what??? He’s proposing!!!


Emotions that went through me at that moment. If I could only describe!! Those butterflies were going crazy in my stomach and I was realizing that I’m the happiest girl alive. He told me that he wanted to spend the rest of my life with me and he told me more, but I was in such a state of euphoria, that I barely remember what he told me. Haha I started laughing and crying at the same time and I said the most definite YES! He put this absolutely gorgeous rind on my finger and we hugged sooo firmly and kissed and cruised and laughed and took silly photos and had the most amazing moment of our lives.


Now as fiancées we continues taking a few more photos and were on our way to get celebratory breakfast in a very lively spot overlooking volcano Caldera and the Aegea sea. What a way to start a day!!! I will never ever forget this morning and the whole trip overall. It truly was the trip of my life!


I cannot wait to marry him and walk along this life together! I love him deeply.