Alina and Mike

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how we met

Alina and I met at North Central College in Naperville. We have been together for 5 years. The geographical path of our relationship has been far stretching, but our beginnings were in Naperville. Our first date was at Giordano’s on May 28th, 2010, and I knew that night that I never wanted to be with another girl.

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how they asked

Mike was very thoughtful and created a nice scavenger hunt for Alina. She woke up yesterday with a flower and a note attached to it.

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The first note led her to a nail appointment at Michael Graham Spa. At the end of her spa time, she received a second clue that said, “Now that your nails look great, go have a slice where we had our first date”.

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At Giordano‚Äôs they were waiting for Alina’s arrival and prepared a special heart shaped pizza. After finishing her meal she received a third clue that said, “I hope you’re ready for a fun week, head to the place you first kissed me on the cheek”.

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The last and final note to Alina was, “What happens next, you’ll love to know, meet me by the fountain/gazebo.”

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