Alina and Lucian

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How We Met

I found myself far away from my home, in a new country, sitting some professional trainings without realizing that something special will happen. In a set of unforeseen events a friend of mine ask me to go out and celebrate St Patrick’s day. As everything was new for me she asked a friend to pick me up. It was then when I’ve met Lucian and we resonated from the first time. Today we say that 17 is our lucky number. After couple of months of long-distance relationship I managed to find a job and start a new life together.

how they asked

Lucian planned everything in secret. With few days before the big event, using an excuse of sick leave and without me knowing he drove all the way the famous diamond district in Antwerp (Belgium) to choose the diamond and to forge the ring. In the same time he was in contact with the photograph and looking for the perfect location. Everything was presented to me as a spontaneous trip in the mountains to enjoy the nature. I was easily fooled as it was the first time to visit Switzerland and such big and beautiful mountains. The stage was set and I was walking without realizing in it.

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Special Thanks

John Wisdom
 | Photographer