Alina and Elijah

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How We Met

Elijah used to work in our college convenient store on campus and I would go by there everyday before class just so I could get the chance to smile at him. I remember being so shy and I could only get the words hello out every time. A few years down the road our paths finally met together at the right time and we had our first date and everything just kind of fell into place.

Just into our first year of our relationship, Elijah had to have open heart surgery. He was born with aortic valve stenosis and after his first open heart surgery repair he was needing to get a valve replacement due to the strain that was being placed on his heart. I remember those eight hours in the waiting room as being the longest and shortest moment of my life. When we were finally allowed back into the recovery room after surgery, I remember standing on the opposite side of the bed as his mother and after she had said her well wishes he turned over squeezed my hand and we both looked into each others eyes and we knew. We knew that in that moment between life or death there was no one we would rather be with.

That moment in our relationship is one we discuss and cherish for it strengthened us and made us believe in love and the reality that “the one” does exist and we were it for each other!

how they asked

When the weather permits it Elijah and I have shared many of our dates fishing on the pond on his parent’s land. That was actually the first place I ever learned how to fish. Elijah had planned that weekend for us to go fishing if the weather permitted it. When I woke up he had already been up and had laid out my favorite fishing shirt on the bed. I didn’t think anything of it at the time and just took it as a sweet gesture. We gathered our things and our dog and heading to his parents land. He told me to walk ahead with our dog while he gathered the fishing rods and the tackle box.

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Elijah met me on the dock and told me to pick out my fishing lure from the tackle box. I just reached in and grabbed the first pack I saw and started walking to my pole to set it up. He asked me if that was the one I wanted and I was thinking why the heck is he asking me that. He kept saying are you sure that is the right one, I bought a bunch of new tackle go check again. I was so confused at that moment and should have known then what he was trying to get me to do. But I was oblivious and just went over and he had shoved at least six new bags of tackle and underneath them I saw a little red box. Before I knew it the words “are you really doing this, is this really happening” kept coming out of my mouth and I started shaking. I turned around and he was down on one knee and grabbed the box from my hand and utter those sweet four words and my full name and of course I followed it with a Yes!

It was such a special moment shared just between the three of us (pup included). I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

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