Alina and Denis

Image 1 of Alina and Denis

We met five years ago while applying to the university. After admission, we took the same courses and were sitting together, then we began to spend a lot of time together after lectures. Denis was my best friend, and I can confirm that there is only one step from friendship to love. We started dating 3 months after we met.

Many pitfalls only strengthened our relationships. One of them was my decision to go study abroad. Denis’s parents were strongly opposed, since one year of studies has already been lost, and studying abroad is way more expensive, we would have to apply to a new university again, learn a foreign language from scratch, and for many other reasons. We have been considering a million of options, how to overcome all obstacles and keep being together. Two months later, his parents were convinced that our decision to study abroad was an adult and considered one, not just a passing whim. So we began to live together on our own. It was a bit of modern Romeo and Juliet story, but with a happy ending.

how they asked: If my heart belongs to Denis, my soul lives in Paris. Instead of going to the sea for our holidays Denis decided that we should once again visit Paris. By the way, I learned about the trip a week before departure. A photo shoot next to my beloved Eiffel Tower was another surprise for me. When the Day X has arrived, Denis got down on one knee, pulled out a box and the ring for me. I was overwhelmed with emotions. It was such a happiness: the most romantic city in the world, my love asks me to become his wife, I felt myself the most beautiful woman in the world at that moment, and a professional photographer captured it all on camera for our future family archive. How could it be better?

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Photos by Daria Lorman