Alina and Arnold

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How We Met

Arnold and I went to the same church since we were little but never noticed each other until December, 26, 2013. At first for me he was just a friend. He was someone I wanted to talk to all the time. So we texted and talked when we saw each other but never went on dates. A couple months in after many many texts and calls, Arnold asked me to be his girlfriend. Oh how happy I was to hear it. It was an immediate yes! And that is how our love story began.

how they asked

We were in Seattle for the weekend and he decided to stop by a beautiful park with a view of the city. As curious as I am I asked why there. He said we’re both dressed nice why not take a couple pictures. Sure I said. We don’t have that much pictures together. So we take a couple shots. Everything was so normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. As we face the city he puts his hand around my waist for a picture. Then I feel him take it off. As I’m turning around asking him “where’d you move your hand” he says “how about this picture.” And then he gets down on his knee. Everything around us just stopped as he asked me to marry him. It was a perfect proposal.

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