Alie and Mark

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How We Met

Mark and I met at a young adult bible study at St. Brigid’s in PB. I was fairly new to San Diego and started going to this bible study, in hopes of finding a community I could plug into, with people of similar faith- what I find instead was something I never expected! It was November 8th, election day. We both had gone to an adoration service held at St. Brigid’s and then a happy hour. Mark recognized me because of the Facebook stalking he had done previously, which I later found out about. We had both heard about each other from a mutual friend but had yet to meet. After talking just a few minutes, I knew there was something different about him that I just couldn’t put my finger on! A few Facebook messages later, Mark got up the courage and asked me to dinner, which I assured him, would be just as friends. Well, one dinner led to the next and by our third date, I knew this was the man I was to marry!

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how they asked

It was Easter Sunday and Mark and I had gone up to Lake Arrowhead, my hometown, to spend the weekend with my family. We had gone to church with my family and then back home for an Easter Brunch. Half way through brunch Mark started to nag me, saying he left his sunglasses at the Church and we needed to go back. This didn’t surprise me, he was always leaving his sunglasses somewhere. So I agreed and we went back to the Church. Mark went to the pew he knew he ‘left’ his glasses in and conveniently found them. Before leaving, he suggested we say a little prayer up front. There was a piano there off to the side so he began to play. After a nice time of silence and prayer together and I got up to motion him to leave and he told me he had one more song. And then he began to play a song he had written me on the piano. As he sang me the lyrics, tears streamed down both his and my face. When he finished the song, he paused, pulled out a box from his pocket, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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