Alicia and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I met six years ago while I was in college attending Arizona State University.

how they asked

Nick and I had talked about hiking Lockett Meadow during the first week of October for a while because it is the only time of year in Arizona where you will catch the beautiful fall leaves still on the aspens. We made a trip last year, but sadly we were too late and the leaves had already fallen, so this year we were prepared to go early. Before the trip, we were starting to discuss our plans. Being from the Phoenix area, I wanted to make the most of our time and plan a trip to see the Grand Canyon, as we would only be about an hour and a half away from Flagstaff, where Lockett Meadow is. I had brought up the idea of visiting the Grand Canyon on Monday and hiking Lockett Meadow on Tuesday, but Nick didn’t agree.

He insisted that we hike on Monday. His persistence to this idea was very foreign to me, as I am the natural planner and we typically go by the plans that I make. After let’s call it a “heated debate,” I ended up winning and we settled on a hiking Lockett Meadow on Tuesday, October 9th. I mean, who wants to drive three hours and go straight to a long hike! Not me. After our amazing time at the Grand Canyon, we ended up hiking Lockett Meadow as planned on Tuesday. The hike was beautiful, the weather was absolutely perfect, and the leaves were just breathtaking!

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After our hike, Nick suggested we take pictures, so we walked down the meadow where the man I have been dating for the last six years got down on one knee and proposed! Little did I know, he had a photographer literally hiding among the trees to capture the moment! Oh, and let’s not forget…he had a sign made with our names, the location and THE DATE….do you see why he was so persistent on hiking on Monday?! He had to change the date with the photographer and get the sign remade all within a weeks time! How I found someone to put up with me, I will never know, but I’m sure glad I did!

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