Alicia and Trey

How We Met

My engagement was far from classy. I hit the ring out of my Husband’s hand! I had moved to Mississippi in July 2017 of last year 3 months after visiting my cousin and her family end of March early April. I wasn’t in love with Mississippi but I felt somehow it was where God wanted me to be. And sure enough it was other times I had tried to move and I was never given the peace, but everything fell into place that allowed me to have a smooth transition to move. So after being introduced to my new church, I received friend requests and sent some out to my new church family on social media. Immediately I got a message from a guy named Trey…… I remembered him sitting by his Pawpaw from the night before, but I didn’t remember him from when I came in March. He welcomed me to Mississippi, asked where I was from and why I had moved. It was a very short conversation and ended after I told him I was sure I would get to know everyone soon. Finally met a week later and he was well mannered, admirable and VERY talkative! Now I had just gotten out of a 4.5-year relationship 6 months prior and told myself I would not get into a relationship until God told me I was ready. I prayed about it and sure enough, the feelings never went away and we went on our first date 2 weeks late and officially became a couple one month after I moved to Mississippi.

Alicia's Proposal in Bellingrath Gardens, Theodore, Alabama

How They Asked

December rolled around and we had been talking about marriage but with just recently getting a new job I didn’t think it would be until after the New Year. We made plans with my family to go to Bellingrath Gardens to celebrate my uncle’s birthday and luckily that week my sister was in Mississippi. My cousin had recommended that we dress up to take pictures, but I decided to dress casually since I had to dress up nicer every day for work wearing my turquoise converse and a grey C.C. beanie hat. HUGE mistake because it was so humid and warm that night my curls fell down. So we got to the gardens and admired at all the spectral lights from the Under the Sea, Candy Land, and Chinatown displays for about an hour before my cousin Rochelle told me she wanted to take family pictures at the fountain in the middle of the garden. So walking to the area we saw the pastor’s family and talked with them until my cousin told us we need to take this family picture or we would never get it done.

So all 11 of us squeezed up there, took our pictures, and all at once everyone said Trey and I NEEDED to snap a photo. As we are up there we had about 15 phones outpointed in our direction. (Honestly, you guys how I was so oblivious to what was going on still surprises me). We ended up looking in all directions until I had told him we should just look at each other and they can capture the moment. It wasn’t until I had turned away because I felt so awkward when he had knelt down on his knee. When I had looked back and did not see the box in his hand. My first thought going through my head at that moment seeing him kneeling was “Seriously this is not a time to joke about proposing in front of all these people!” Because he is known to be a jokester. I tried to get him up on his feet when I had hit the box out of his hand and realized. “Wait this is real….oh my Lord this is actually happening?!” In the spur of all the chaos, he asked me to marry him and I did say yes after being in much shock. It may have not been the perfect way to say yes but it was definitely something we will look back on and be able to laugh.

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