Alicia and Thomas

How We Met

Yes, we’re a 21st century cliche – we met on a dating app called SoulSwipe! It all started with small talk about one of our favorite things to do: cook. We tried to meet for a month, but life got in the way, until December 26th. Even though we both live in Brooklyn, NY, coincidentally we were both in Maryland visiting our parents for the holidays. So the day after Christmas, we met at a dive bar/pool hall/seedy locale we will never return to. ;) Thomas pretended that I can play pool and cheered me on, even after several scratches. The next week, both back in Brooklyn, we went to a jazz club for our second date. We closed down the place talking non-stop, and after they made us leave, we went to the only other location that was open at 2 am – a nearby pizza place. There we kept the conversation going until they closed too.

Alicia and Thomas's Engagement in Columbia, MD

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Columbia, MD

Since it was close to 4am, I called for an uber home. Thomas tried to go in for a first kiss, but my uber driver arrived too fast (said no one ever), and ruined the moment. Our third date was epic – We got snowed in for 3 days together. What a great way to learn if you’re compatible! Thomas was prepared – he brought over enough groceries for a small army. For the first time since we’ve gotten cell phones, we both turned them off for THREE days (much to the dismay our family and friends), cooked, watched movies and laughed while the snow piled up around us. We’ve been having fun and making memories ever since. We are so grateful that God led us to each other, and we’re truly excited to build a life together.

Alicia's Proposal in Columbia, MD

how they asked

A friend of ours told Thomas that Zales was looking for couples who were about to get engaged. He wasn’t planning to propose for a while because he was saving up for a ring, but he sent them an email – why not? They were having a contest, where the winner would have their proposal filmed, and then put on Zales’ website. After a few weeks, a producer called Thomas and said “Congratulations, you’re one of the chosen couples! You have to propose in the next two weeks – how would you like to do it?” All of this was going on without my knowledge! When they called Thomas, we were in Maryland for a week visiting family. In just a few days, Thomas designed an elaborate plan. The plan for Sunday morning (or so I thought) was for Thomas to bring his parents with him to Columbia, where we would all go to Church and then brunch with my family. I was nervous and excited for his family to see the Church I grew up in, and meet all my very sweet (and nosey) Church family.

Little did I know, Thomas had an elaborate plan to propose to me after Church! He had organized everything with Zales, and they flew in their crew from Chicago and were waiting at the Lakefront in Columbia for us to arrive. In all of Thomas’ running around with the crew, he ended up being very late for Church. I was NOT happy. I couldn’t believe he would come so late for such an important event. I giggle when I think of it now. :) After Church, Thomas and I (still mad that he was late), and our parents headed to brunch at the Lakefront. At the Lakefront, they have the original Columbia residents’ names engraved on bricks, and the year that family came to Columbia. I was showing Thomas and his Mom our Biggs brick, and suddenly there were cameras in my face and Thomas was on one knee!!

A lot was hazy after that, but I remember the ring being stunning, and Thomas saying that ‘Your parents started their family here in Columbia when they moved here, and I want to start our family here too. Will you marry me?’ There was more, but that’s all I can remember. He is the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful man to propose in a place that means so much to me, in my hometown with both our parents there. It was a beautiful day that I’ll never forget! Our photographer will shoot our engagement session this week, so we’re looking forward to having professional photos too. :)

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