Alicia and Thomas

How We Met

On October 2nd, 2014 after just turning 21, I went out with some friends to watch the Packers game at a bar. A mutual friend of ours happened to stop by with a guy who caught my eye. He first started talking with my friend and after mentioning being in the Marines, I immediately turned to him and asked if he was a real Marine or a fake Marine. Long story short, I had gotten out of a relationship earlier that year with someone who had lied to me about being a Marine, and wasn’t going to get burned again. After pulling out his military ID, we starting flirting and I haven’t looked back since.

how they asked

I am a planner and the type of person who always wants to know what’s going on, so when Tom decided to take me on a surprise date where I wasn’t allowed to ask any questions it was hard for me to bite my tongue. As we drove downtown, I kept joking about going to places we would pass such as a Brewer game and Potawatomi Casino. When we pulled pass the Art Museum I also joked about going there, but knew it was closed. When Tom pulled in I thought he was pulling my leg and would turn around to take me on our real date. We park and as we walk inside I see a grand piano in the Quadracci Pavilion, as well as a dear friend and photographer.

Alicia and Thomas's Engagement in Milwaukee Art Museum

By this time I was pretty sure it was going to be the night he asked me, I held back tears while he played me a song he wrote for me on the piano. Once finished he got on his knee and in true Tom fashion uttered “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind marrying me too much?”. In full laughter and tears I responded “I would love to”.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Milwaukee Art Museum

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Milwaukee Art Museum

After we enjoyed some champagne and took more pictures, we headed out to dinner. Dinner of course was not just the two of us, and I was again surprised when we pulled into the Harbor House and were welcomed by family and friends.

Special Thanks

Sam Grandlich