Alicia and Teylor

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how we met

Teylor and I met at our high school job, Circuit City (RIP). I was 100% nervous and scattered around him. Our first interaction, long story short, was me spelling Sprite wrong. The lemon lime soda has since been known as Sprit!

I knew Taylor was the one at Sprit! Both Teylor and I will openly tell you… I chased that boy! I knew what I wanted, and I went after it, him. It was the butterflies each time I saw him. The instantaneous smile that I got when I heard his text tone. The way we clicked and how he made me feel perfect even though I knew I was flawed.

We’re crazy passionate people and love each other fiercely. We do everything together and love taking our teeny tiny 1 year old on adventures. Teylor and I currently live in Germany where he serves in the United States Air Force, and I’m a destination wedding photographer. We support each other to the max and find ways for both of us to be fulfilled wherever the military takes us!We love Netflix, are total foodies, have a slightly hipster baby, live in a barn, adore traveling, and yet, we are total opposites! Teylor is one of the most relaxed dudes I know and I’m 100% type A. Together we balance each other out, most of the time, and it truly makes us a better couple!

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how they asked

Teylor and I met nine years ago. We were friends for a year, casually going on movie dates, before we made it Facebook offish. Six years quickly went by and Teylor was down on one knee! We were married seven months later. I adore our story. Teylor was about to leave for basic traning (five days after being wed!) and we didn’t exactly have the wedding we had dreamt of. So this, this RE-posal, was so sentimental for us! This time when he got down on one knee he told me how much he adored being married to me, how much he loved me and Grey, and how great of a wife and mother I am.

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All of this in front of so many people at Disneyland Paris! It was so exciting to be re-posed to and getting claps and congratulations from fellow Disney lovers! This RE-posal is the start of us planning our dream wedding in the form of a vow renewal!

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The ring is gorgeous! It’s actually my original engagement ring and I wouldn’t change one thing. Teylor chose the perfect ring the first time around and I cherish it. The rock is the perfect size for my tiny size 4 finger, there are what I call “twisties” adorned with diamonds as a band, and it never seems to stop sparkling!

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