Alicia and Steven

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How We Met

We met the day before freshman year started at John Carroll University. It was move in weekend at the dorms, I was walking in to my new dorm and we first met in the staircase. We ended up living in the same dorm! He was coming back from lacrosse practice, and I remember thinking how cute he was! At 18, I had never dated anyone yet, never kissed anyone and never had even been on a date, so I was VERY nervous to start college! We started running into each other more, having classes together and hanging out, we became best friends! After a few weeks, we started doing absolutely everything together from studying, to grocery shopping, to target runs, movies, shopping, lunch & dinners, everything. We had such great chemistry, we just clicked.

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He was a total charmer; amazing personality, always made me smile, and we would laugh for hours together (he would also bring me jars of nutella and flowers, so that was the cherry on top). He finally kissed me on Christmas eve, a month after he took me on our first date! We started “officially” dating a few months after, and the rest is history (well not really). We dated throughout college, we traveled together, we cooked together, went to concerts and just had an awesome time making memories. When graduation time rolled around in May of 2014, that’s when things got a little scary. He went on and took a sales job in San Francisco, and I moved to New York for a corporate finance job.

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After seeing each other almost everyday for 4 years in college, we now went on for months at a time without seeing each other. Although it was extremely difficult, we made it work (for 2 long years). Just this past 2016 we both moved back home to Ohio and settled in. I feel whole again, now that we are both back home, have great jobs and are starting new chapters in our book of life together! It has been a long road, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! He is so incredible, and I feel so lucky every day to have him! He was my very first kiss, and now he’ll be my last! In the pictures attached, the one of me in the red scarf is from our very first date in 2010….. we have come A LONG WAY!

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how they asked

The first time we saw each other after he moved to San Francisco and I moved to New York after graduation, was in New York City. It is one of my absolute favorite cities, and he had only been there once when he was little and didn’t remember it much. It was 3 months since seeing each other! I took him to all of my favorite spots in the city, we ate, we went out, we shopped and just had an absolute blast! We are both health nuts and love to work out, so one morning we decided to go for a run through central park.

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We figured it would be the best way to see a lot of the park & the weather was gorgeous! As we were running, we stopped by the pond area and he said he wanted to do a love lock (like they do in Paris). There is no love lock bridge in central park, but we decided to make our own anyways!

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He pulled out a master lock, said some sweet words and kept the lock code sticker on the back of his phone. He said to me, that was the point where we could either sink or swim; we were off doing our own things and we both knew we wanted to be together, but would we be able to? We decided to do the lock, because it represented us staying together, continuing our love and staying tough through the good times & bad.

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Fast forward 2 and a half years. February 8, 2017 My best friend asks to meet up to get a manicure. I think nothing of it, even though I only get my nails done once every 5 years. February 9, 2017. He asked me to meet him at my parents house after I got out of work, because he wanted to have dinner (weird, but okay). We were sitting and just chatting, and he whips out this letter. He wrote me such a cute letter about our relationship and how much he loves me, and all that good stuff. The last line of the letter said “Pack your bags. We are hitting Broadway tomorrow. Flight leaves at 8 am”. I started bawling my eyes out! I couldn’t believe it (because he is kind of bad at surprises). I was overly emotional and said “I’m so happy my nails are done” hahaha (BAD). I had a feeling we were going to get engaged, but didn’t know how it would happen. Our hotel was right by Central Park, AMAZING!

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He said he planned a fancy dinner the first night there, so we got all dressed up. He asked to take pictures in the park right before dinner (even though it was 15 degrees out). It was close to 5 pm, we got in the park and he got so silent! He wasn’t talkative or laughing or anything! I didn’t know what was going on, but he was acting so weird! He walked in front of me to go look at something, and I checked his pant pockets – no ring box. I was clearly convinced we weren’t getting engaged at that moment, but couldn’t figure out why he was so quiet. We keep walking and took pictures, and he said “I wan’t to see if our love lock is where we left it”. We both knew it wouldn’t be there, but wanted to go look anyways. We went right back to that spot where we locked it, and he looked at me and said “I bet you didn’t see this one coming”.

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He got down on one knee, took my hand and said “923 days ago, we locked our love right at this spot”. I was bawling my eyes out and didn’t remember a thing after that (whoops). I cried like a baby! I ended up saying YES before he even got the chance to open up the ring box!

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I looked to my left and saw a guys with a few cameras taking our picture; he hired a secret photographer to capture the magic. I cried even more! Then he whips out Kleenex, Q tips and brought my makeup brush from home, and said “I knew you would cry, but there’s another surprise. Johnny is our engagement photographer and is going to do our engagement photo shoot right now throughout the park. I thought you would want to cleanup the tears and makeup after crying”. okay WHAT. At this point I was almost fainting. It couldn’t be more perfect! Than he whips out a new Master Lock out of his pocket. He said he wanted to lock our love down forever now. I pretty much couldn’t function and was just so shocked, I couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

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We took our engagement photos through the park and I felt like a million bucks. I can’t believe I get to have him forever!!! He made that moment more special than anything I could have ever imagined. I was an avid Say Yes to the Dress watched, followed proposal & wedding blogs, etc. This proposal was better than anything I had ever read, heard about or seen on TV. If I could write my own proposal, it would even come close to how incredible that moment was.

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I still feel like it isn’t real, but I am absolutely over the moon. New York will forever be my favorite city :)

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Special Thanks

 | Proposal & Engagement Photographer
 | Helped plan & stage the photographer
Raimondo Greci (my dad)
 | He knew about the proposal for the longest time and didn't spill the beans