Alicia and Stephen

Image 1 of Alicia and StephenStephen and I met when I applied and got the job at the business he owns. After about a month we both started to find the smallest reasons to text/call each other. After a couple months we finally went on our first date, fishing. That’s when we realized we couldn’t just be friends. We’ve been together ever since.

One day after Church Stephen told me his friend was going fishing and he was wanting us to go with him. When we got to the pond Stephen’s friend who had bolted a camera to his hat and was calling it his “redneck go pro” picked us up in the boat . We pole fished for a while and then decided to go check all of the yo-yo’s. When we got to the last yo-yo I pulled it up and there was a board attached that said “will you marry me” along with a fake ring. I was so surprised I was speechless!

Image 2 of Alicia and Stephen Image 3 of Alicia and Stephen