Alicia and Nick | His and Her Side

How we met (Alicia’s side): My brother and some of his friends knew Nick from church camps, events, etc. and before college, they all told me to “look him up on Facebook,” because he was a “really cool guy.” When I got home, I did, and I messaged him and told him that I had met a few of his friends, told him who my brother was, etc. not thinking that this would be the man I’d marry. He messaged back just making small talk, which led into several other messages through facebook back and forth for several weeks. We exchanged AOL IDs and talked through AIM over the weeks as well. One day Nick messaged that he would be going out of town on a church trip, and gave me his number so that we could continue to talk while he was gone. Throughout that week, there wasn’t a minute that we weren’t texting. Even after he returned home, we continued to text and eventually talk on the phone for the rest of the summer. Finally, we decided we wanted to meet in person, so Nick came to Greenwood and took me to a movie. I felt like I had known him forever, so it was a very comfortable first date/blind date. After that date, we continued to talk, but remained very close friends. The first day of classes at Lander, we both walked into our first class, sat down and as the roll was called by our professor found that we discovered that we were in the same class. With huge grins on both of our faces, we laughed at the coincidence. After class, he walked me to my dorm and from that point on we were pretty much inseparable. I decided that I didn’t want to rush into a relationship, so for the entire semester we stayed friends, trying to avoid the obvious emotional connection we both had toward one another. Nick made it quite clear that he was ready to pursue something more, but I was stubborn and made excuses! Little did I know then! We ate lunch together, walked to class together, went to events together, studied together…you name it, we did it…together. In December, Nick had his wisdom teeth cut out over Christmas break so I drove up to his parents house to visit him. I decided that night that I couldn’t deny my feelings anymore and knew I was not okay with us simply being friends. I decided to talk to Nick about this over the break, and knowing his apparent feelings for me, we made it official. Best decision I’ve ever made! We went back to school second semester as a couple, and have been together ever since!

How he proposed (her side): I was having an EXTREMELY bad day at work. I had so much on my mind, not to mention it was a Friday and I wound up working over ten hours. Nick had been texting me all day asking about what time I thought I’d get to Simpsonville. He mentioned that we could just grab some dinner and relax. He told me that he had to housesit (which he does a lot for family friends, so it was not out of the ordinary), so I thought we’d simply go out to eat and go back there to watch tv. As soon as I got off I headed that way, and he called me letting me know that there were no events going on at the Ryan Nicholas Inn that weekend, and he wanted to know if I wanted to go ride by. The Ryan Nicholas Inn is where I have ALWAYS wanted to get married, and we would randomly ride by it on the weekends, but have never been able to get out and look around due to constant events/weddings going on there. This is why his suggestion to go by while it was vacant was not suspicious whatsoever. I got to his parents, showered, and told him to just to pick me something out to wear (he likes to plan his outfit according to mine!) He picked out a dress (which he never does…should have been my first clue!). We headed to the Ryan Nicholas Inn, me still complaining about what had happened at work. We arrived, and he turned the car off and got out. I was concerned about trespassing, but Nick made me get out anyway. Still oblivious, we walked up to the front doors and looked around. He grabbed my hand as I headed back to the car, and told me he loved me. I told him that I loved him too, but was ready to go eat, so “Let’s go.” He laughed nervously and pulled me back again, and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I told him I did too, but again, I was hungry so let’s go. He began to twirl the promise ring he’d given me in college and I started to wonder if he was going to “act like he was proposing…” because it was no secret that I was always anxiously awaiting for him to pop the question! I thought to myself…I swear if he tries to play like that after the day I’ve had, I would be so ticked. He got down on one knee, still unsure if it was real, and pulled out the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen…which confirmed that this was the real deal. I started crying, I think, and the rest of my reaction is still a blur to me because I was so extremely excited!! Nick then told me that we weren’t just going to grab dinner, he’d made reservations at the Melting Pot in Greenville, which is why he’d been inquiring about what time I’d get there all day… poor guy had to keep pushing our reservations back! At the restaurant there were flowers waiting for me. After we ate an AMAZING dinner (with incredible dessert!) he told me that we weren’t house sitting as he had told me, but he had gotten us a hotel room so that we could have time together (since we both live at home with our families, alone time is something we haven’t had in well over a year). At the hotel, he had flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, and wine waiting for us. It was needless to say the BEST proposal, even if it was to my expense with my bad day! I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

How he proposed (Nick’s side):

Alicia had been saying for a while that she wanted to get married at the Ryan Nicholas Inn in Simpsonville. One of my good friend’s mom works there and I had talked to her and found out that they did not have an event going on that weekend, which is very rare. Alicia had been having probably one of the worse days she had ever had at her job, which ended up playing to my advantage. I told her that whenever she got into town we could go grab something to eat and just grab a movie or something after. She got there and we left to go eat and I told her that Justin’s mom called me and told me that there wasn’t anything going on at the Ryan Nicholas Inn this weekend and to let Alicia know in case she wanted to go by and see it a little bit better since nobody would be there. This was nowhere out of the norm since we had driven by there  plenty of different times just to look at it. We drove by and got out and looked around and I popped the question on the front steps. Alicia had no clue that it was coming. I had already made reservations at the Melting Pot, so we went and ate dinner there after.

Photography by Jennifer Stuart Photography

Proposal Location: Ryan Nicholas Inn