Alicia and Mitchell

How We Met

It’s a simple tale really. One Monday, after an evening service at a church, called the Embassy, in Waterloo, I asked him to help me stack chairs. He said “yes” and I learned his name.

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After being friends for around a year and a half, all I’d really learned about Mitchell was that he was in the engineering program at the University of Waterloo; that he took health and fitness quite seriously; that he loves his family; and that he asks really, really good questions. During the summer of 2017, I was back and forth between Kingston (where I was finishing teacher’s college at Queen’s University) and Waterloo (where I wanted to eventually move back, teach French and hopefully meet someone…). Our friend groups at the time started overlapping more and more until we started to find ourselves sitting together in backyards, at parties, around campfires, at Slate team nights, at restaurant-outings, in the church lobby and so on.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I started catching feels to be honest. Maybe it was at our friend Kait’s cottage in October, when we were stargazing and talking about having complimentary personalities, or walking along the beach sharing our love of piggyback rides. Maybe it was at his birthday party playing catch-phrase or at Niagara Falls spending the day with a solid group of friends. All I know is that I was curious but confident that nothing was going to happen. But it did. On Sunday, December 3rd, 2018, he asked me out on a date.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Stoney Creek, Ontario

When Mitchell first told me he loved me, he made a little speech right beforehand that I’m sure was very sweet… but that I have absolutely no memory of. I basically blacked-out in excitement and disbelief once I realized those three life-altering words were hurtling towards me. It’s for this reason that I told him that my only request for the proposal was that he record it somehow. That’s where our darling friends Jon and Meg, from Bonsai Creative, come in. Their video sums that evening up quite beautifully.

On Monday, August 20th, we had planned to take my parents out for ice cream, which landed us in Hamilton. He’d suggested we go on a walk in the forest by their house beforehand, where’d we’d visited once before (and vowed to return). Since we were leaving for Calgary on a road-trip at 3:30 am that Tuesday, there was no way, in my mind, that he’d be proposing that night. I didn’t even know if the ring he’d designed had been made yet! When I sensed a tiny little fragment of nervousness, I resigned to thinking that he was going to ask my parents for their blessing that night, which would explain his slight change in demeanor. (It turns out he’d talked to them months prior.)

So after spontaneously deciding to deliver my best friend’s birthday card in Ancaster, going inside to talk to her younger sister and waving him in (making us miss sunset loll oops!), skipping down a hill and pulling off into a bush to empty my bladder (which in retrospect I’m glad I did, lest I wet my pants in excitement once he popped the question!)… I saw the flicker of a light that looked pretty out of place.

It was dark by the time we’d arrived at the spot, and when I saw a lamp sitting on a white pillar, I immediately thought we were intruding on someone else’s romantic date. I hesitantly pulled his hand away from where the light was and said “I think someone left that there…” to which he replied, “what if I left that there?”. My favorite person in the world, Mitchell Snider, then proceeded to ask if I would marry him. I said “totally” and now I’m taking his last name.

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