Alicia and Matthew

How We Met

Matthew was the new kid in school our sophomore year of high school. Alicia and Matt only lived a block and half away from each other, and they often used to take the same gate opening to school every morning. Alicia noticed Matt, but really as the kid going to school with bright orange BEATs headphones on. They really never thought twice of one another until a mutual friend had a party, and both Alicia and Matt were there. They instantly hit it off, and continued to talk for the rest of the night like no one else was there. Matthew and Alicia continued to talk endlessly for the next month until Matthew worked up the nerve to ask Alicia to the most romantic Wendy’s date you’ve ever heard of. They both got Baconators and the rest is history.

how they asked

He took me to NYC to watch Chicago on Broadway on a whim decision and went out to dinner and spent the whole day and night in NYC at a very fancy hotel and proposed in the room with flower champagne and the works.

We are getting married at Gilbertsville Farmhouse cause their venue is very unique. Also, who can say no to a three day wedding?