Alicia and Mark

How We Met

Mark and I met at the University of Connecticut during our sophomore year. We were introduced by a mutual friend that was also in Greek Life. Mark needed a date to his fraternity’s semi-formal (which was Halloween themed) and we were set up on the blind date! He was a kissing booth!! We immediately became great friends and stayed best friends all throughout college. It’s safe to say we didn’t miss a day talking since we met.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Holland

After graduation 3 years later, something sparked and we started dating a few months later. We did long distance for a while, him in Philly and me in Connecticut until finally, we decided we wanted to move in together. We now live in a beautiful apartment in Hoboken, NJ and have been together for 5 years and living together for 2.5. We’ve had an amazing adventure so far!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Holland

how they asked

Mark and I have done a lot of traveling the past few years, particularly in Europe. We’ve visited 7 countries in 3 years! On our latest adventure, we spent 7 days traveling Spain (Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid) and then spent our last 3 days in Amsterdam. On our very last day of vacation, we were visiting beautiful windmills in Holland. After taking a few photos, learning more about the windmills, and actually touring one, we stopped outside to take a picturesque photo with the windmills and lake behind us. After handing my phone to a stranger and them snapping a few pics, Mark got down on one knee and proposed!!!

We’re so thankful that a stranger realized what was going on and kept snapping photos! It was such a happy moment for us both. After the initial chaos was over, I asked Mark if he asked my dad to which he said yes and that he had asked him while we were in Barcelona (close call if you ask me!). I immediately burst into tears when he told me that my dad cried when he asked and even said “are you sure?!” (dad never cries). Later that day, I wanted to make sure we captured our amazing moments in this great city, so we hired a photographer on the spot to take engagement photos. They are absolutely stunning and you can really see the happiness and excitement we both had just hours after the proposal.

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