Alicia and Kyle

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Logar Valley, Slovenia

How We Met

Kyle and I started dating our senior year of high school!!! ❤️ After graduation, we went to different universities, but they weren’t too far apart so we were able to see each other often! I’ll never forget the first time Kyle came to visit – he had worked with one of my dorm mates to SURPRISE me for the weekend!! 🥳 It happened to be the same visit that we told each other we loved each other for the first time and I knew we had something truly amazing.

Proposal Ideas Logar Valley, Slovenia

Early on we realized our favorite time spent together was outdoors, so over the next 6 years, we filled our days with as much backpacking, camping, hiking, road tripping, traveling abroad and beach trips as we could! Somewhere sandwiched between all our travels we got our adorable dog Sawyer together, both graduated college, moved in together, and bought a home! 🥰

Alicia's Proposal in Logar Valley, Slovenia

How They Asked

Mountains are very special to us because like I said, we love the outdoors and some of our most cherished memories together come from our adventures! That’s why Kyle knew he wanted to ask while we were somewhere surrounded by mountains! I of course found this out later 😉

While in Slovenia on a vacation with Kyles mom and brother we stayed in the most gorgeous place called Logar Valley. They have this road there where you can drive along the top of the mountain range (super sketchy but super rewarding!!) and while we were driving, we stopped multiple times so we could soak up all the beauty. It’s not uncommon for Kyle to have his camera out because he loves photography so I didn’t think anything when he wanted to take some pictures of me on the hillside.

He then oh so casually asked his brother to take a picture of us. As he came up I leaned in for a hug and I heard his heart beating SO fast! I was about to ask if he was okay and if he needed water when he got down on one knee and asked me to MARRY HIM! I immediately started bawling for a solid minute straight and put the gorgeous ring on (still crying!) before I realized I hadn’t even answered him!! Of course, I said YES, a million times yes! 💍 I was so surprised & Kyle couldn’t have chosen a more MAGICAL place to ask 🙌🏼❤️🏔