Alicia and Kevin

How We Met

Kevin and I grew up in the same small town and both lived there our entire lives (present day!). He is a few years older than me but we have a ton of mutual friends. Somehow, we never met until 4 years ago. We initially met at a local bar and ended up hanging out the entire night (until the sun came up!) at his house with one of those mutual friends. I didn’t see or hear from him for about 2 weeks until another friend of ours brought me to his house for a movie night. We watched movies and ate junk food on his couch and the next morning he picked me up for breakfast, took me to the beach and the rest was history….

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how they asked

Every year for the past 4 years, we go to Greenport, on the north fork of Long Island, for my birthday. Keeping with tradition, we left on Friday night. Kevin didn’t really tell me the plans for the weekend, so I began to think something was up. However, as the day got closer, he began to tell me all of the weekend plans and didn’t seem to have an actual plan (very much like him) so I tried to push the idea out of my head as to not get my hopes up. On the way out Friday night we stopped for an incredible dinner at one of the best restaurants on Long Island. When we got to the hotel, it was this adorable boutique hotel right on Front Street. We had drinks at this cozy outdoor bar and continued the night probably a little later than we should have.

The next morning Kevin woke me up early (8am!). He went to get coffee as I was not feeling too great from being up so late. When he got back, he told me a woman at the diner told him there was a boat taking people to breakfast at some restaurant on the water (or something like that?). With both of us being HUGE beach and boat people, I TOTALLY fell for it and got up to get dressed and ready. While I was doing my hair and makeup, he kept asking me why I was getting all dressed (he thought I knew!). I told him I would rather be ready for the day, instead of wasting time after breakfast when it would already be late. There was a Maritime Festival taking place that weekend so there was lots to do and I didn’t want to waste any time!

We walk down to the waterfront where the boats are to find NO ONE there! Still not suspecting anything, I begin to question whether Kevin heard the woman correctly or not? After all I was hungover and HUNGRY! We begin walking around to look for people, a captain, anything. The entire time Kevin is playing it totally cool! Finally as we are still walking around looking for people, the captain of the boat comes running up yelling about a bunch of different stuff all at once. The captain was so crazy, I didn’t even have time to register that the entire situation didn’t make sense. All I was concerned about was food and I was slowly beginning to realize that this boat was probably not taking us to eat but rather on some tour around the harbor. I try to tell Kevin this but before I know it, we are getting on the boat and going for a ride. Kevin is lucky I am a go with the flow girl and an avid boater because it was windy, cold, and I was getting splashed in the face, but I kept smiling and kept the rather strange conversation with the captain.

Fast forward 10 minutes and we are pulling into a less windy part of the harbor. Kevin keeps asking the captain to take a picture of us, he says sure and then goes back to steering the boat. I tell Kevin that I don’t think he wants to take our picture, and I put my phone away. Finally the captain pulls into what he thinks is the perfect picture spot and offers to take our picture. As we begin to pose, Kevin bends down and I think he is going to scratch his leg or something and all of a sudden his is on one knee!!! He pulls out the most perfect ring and with a huge smile on his face blurts out “will you marry me!?” I was in complete shock and stunned into silence for a few seconds. Finally I responded with are you kidding me!? Is this serious?! Omg omg omg omg! YES!!!! We hugged, cried, kissed and smiled from ear to ear. I had NO IDEA he was planning all of this! From the perfect ring, to the perfect surprise proposal, and the entire weekend. It was amazing and is still the best feeling ever! And obviously the best birthday weekend I will ever have!

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