Alicia and Joseph

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How We Met

Joseph and I met about six years ago through friends. We were friends throughout college, and we both went to different universities. We still talk about how we both had crushes on each other. During winter break of 2014, the timing was right, and subtle hints were dropped (by both of us).

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He drove over 200 miles to visit me and officially tell me he wanted something more than to be friends. I thought it was just another group visit at first! I of course accepted when we had that conversation, and we began dating long distance. Once we both moved back to Miami, we became inseparable.

how they asked

As many of our friends and family know, we are both very open with each other about our future plans. We talk about a future together almost every day, so my friends joked that I would ruin my own proposal because of how much we talk about it. He knew that, so he planned a “fake-out” fancy dinner the weekend before. We got all dressed up, and it was a great night!

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The following weekend, we were going to a cute little restaurant on the water that he had been to previously, much more casual and laid-back. He knew I would love it because the whole place is covered with twinkly lights, and the restaurant even gives out blankets when you’re cold. We had hung out at a family reunion all day and enjoyed the best dinner. As we were walking around the area before dinner, I mentioned that I loved the lights everywhere. We agreed we would walk around after dinner.

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After dinner, we started walking around the hotel lounge area, and I was rambling on about some story. He kept looking my way, so I could see the beautiful picnic table, with sunflowers, rose petals, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries right in front of me! I immediately knew what was about to happen.

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I could not believe that the man of my dreams was asking me to be his wife and be with him forever. He got down on one knee, and I said yes! I cannot wait to spend my life with the most amazing man I get to call my husband soon! I am truly blessed to have Joseph in my life, FOREVER!

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Special Thanks

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