Alicia and Jonathan

How We Met: I met him through his best friend who worked out at my gym. He apparently was on the search for a new girlfriend, and I apparently fit his type lol. We started talking on Facebook, and then he eventually asked me out… which I turned him down. But he was persistent, and he asked me out again and I accepted. I was nervous at first but then we got to talking and the rest is, as they say, history!

how they asked: The first time we ever travelled together was to New York, and one of the first things we did there was to have a caricature drawing on the streets of Times Square. He decided to use this same avenue to propose in the most romantic way for me. He planned our usual NY trip for valentines day and we had invited some friends as we all wanted to go to the NBA All Star weekend, so we made it an event. Little did I know, this was all part of his plan.

He knew I always loved Valentines day, and so planned my engagement all around it. He invited my parents and family to be there, which was a big thing for me as my family and I have never travelled together outside of our home country, Guyana. Since Valentine’s day fell on a Saturday, and my family was only going to be there for a few days, he really made use of all the days. He booked us to go see 50 shades of Grey, which I was dying to see, on the opening night of February 13, and timed it so we would be leaving the movies at Times Square just at midnight, so for it to be Valentine’s day.

During the movie he stepped out for about 15 minutes, I was pissed as I wanted him to be there throughout lol. He stepped out, co-ordinated with everyone that came for the surprise, and then came back. As we were leaving the cinema with our friends and his brother, his brother wanted us to stop and do a caricature drawing, but my feet were hurting and it being midnight, I just wanted to go to the hotel to change my shoes then do whatever.

So I was a bit miserable when he agreed to stop for this drawing. Little did I know, he had arranged this specific artist before, and as I sat and they stood behind me, the rest of friends and family filled in behind me without me knowing.

Image 1 of Alicia and Jonathan

The artist drew him proposing to me with all the special people in my life behind me as well. When the artist showed me the drawing, I was in total shock!! I couldn’t believe everyone was there and that he had proposed. It was the most wonderful moment of my life!!