Alicia and Jeremiah

Image 1 of Alicia and Jeremiah

My fiancé started off his proposal to me on our anniversary. He wrote me a thoughtful letter and with the letter, he had “WILL” printed on a piece of paper. He told me that I will get the other words as time goes on. About 5 months later, we had a wedding to go to. When we showed up to his unlces house (where we were going to be staying), I opened the door and the word “YOU” was formed with candles and had rose petals around it. Fast forward one month, we were in disney on vacation. I’ll be honest, I pretty much knew I was getting my third word, leaving one word left. So he gave me an envelope in front of the castle. As I was reading it, I knew it was my third word. He had “MARRY” on a separate piece of paper. I turned around and he was on his knee! He had the word “ME” spelt out with scrabble letters in the ring box. Although I knew I was getting a word, I never thought I would get two in one day! I was so surprised! I barely remember the events of what happened (thankfully it’s on video) because of the shock I was in!

Image 2 of Alicia and Jeremiah