Alicia and James

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How We Met

New years eve 2008 I met my now Fiancé. We had been chatting all night, and I thought he was the cutest guy I had ever seen. He was extremely sweet and very friendly. He asked for my number, and before I had a chance to wonder if I would hear from him my phone went off and he had texted me a happy new year. He wanted to make sure he was the first person to wish me a happy New Year. From that day on we spoke every day all day, and as they say the rest is history.

how they asked

On Thursday morning at around 5:00am, we both couldn’t sleep. Little did I know he had a real reason! We started talking about life, and he began telling me how happy he was that he had me, and how lucky our family (ourselves and two fur babies) was to have me.

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He suddenly interrupted me by asking what was on our dog who was laying beside me. I thought nothing of it, and we kept talking. He then said “no, what is THIS?” and put my hand on a velvet box.

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He began to say the sweetest things, and asked If I would complete our family forever and marry him! Of course I said yes! As he opened the box to put the ring on my finger, it was still pitch black, so I reached over, turned on the light, and just like that in the early hours of Thursday morning, I said yes to the man of my dreams.

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