Alicia and Isaac

How We Met

High school sweet hearts. No joke. My senior year I was teacher aiding for my favorite teacher, Isaac happened to be a student in the same class period I was helping with. Being a year older, he knew I was well acustomed with Spanish. I knew him as the talkative boy in Spanish class, who always seemed to seek my help instead of the teachers help. One day he asked if he could have my number “to get help with his homework later” he said. Being too niave to see his scheme, I caved. Later he texted me, his homework was no where in sight and he surely did not need help. What a sly move.

Fast forward three months later and he has become a regular part of my life, between text messages, talking during class, and facetiming me before bed. Then he began to talk Prom. I really enjoyed our friendship, and was not looking for a man to hold during this time. After much rejection he continued to persuade, and we went to prom together.

This boy was nothing less than a charmer. He brought a single rose to my house on the night of Prom and allowed me to call all of the shots that night. I remember during the last song we danced to I moved in a little closer and felt myself give up. I liked him, and I wanted to date him. I had known for months he liked me, but he continued to be my friend though he knew I did not feel the same way.

Three weeks after prom we were boyfriend and girlfriend. The summer was spent with him connected to my hip and I would not change a thing. I left for college and things hit a rough patch, but this man was sure to keep me a round no matter the pain I caused him, thankfully I was willing as well.

Ten months later, I stare at a ring that dazzles and screams I love you from my now fiancé, I couldn’t be happier.

how they asked

St Patty’s day 2016 called for a GNO with my college gals, or so I thought. All dolled up and ready to go, my adventurous girlfriend said she had a surprise for myself and our other bestie. Blindfolded and tied up she hauled us to the car and drove away. Arriving to her surprise I was nothing less than frightened. We stepped out of the car, she guided me to the steps of a beautiful gezebo in downtown Clifton/Cedarville, OH. When the blindfold was removed I saw my boyfriend, standing there in suit and tie, a ring in his hand, and candles around him. “MARRY ME” I read in candle lit light, I was in shock. He had drove 45 minutes late in the evening to ask me to be his wife, what more could I ask for? It was a phenominal night, every few seconds I asked if I was dreaming.

*Disclaimer: I was excited to see him, I had not seen him in almost a week due to going away for college. He drove up to where my college is located to propose and went back to go to school the next morning. What a romantic!

Image 1 of Alicia and Isaac

Special Thanks

Taylor Moore & Annie Aston
 | Planee/photographer