Alicia and Dan

Image 1 of Alicia and Dan

How We Met

Dan I met at Toby Keith’s bar and Grill. His friend got some sad family news so my Fiancé tried cheering him up by asking the “prettiest girl” at the bar to dance with him. I turned down his friend and responded with “…but I’ll dance with you.” We spent the rest of the night lost in conversation and bad dance moves with smooches in the parking lot.

How They Asked

On our first date dan invited me to a pond so we could let our dogs meet and take them for a swim (my dog is my world!) well, about 20 mins into our date my dog swallowed a fish hook. I didn’t realize the hook was caught in his throat. As soon as Dan saw this he immediately knew what to do. Told me to hold tight, tied the fishing line to my dogs collar so it wouldn’t pull, and called every animal hospital near by. I always told him that was when I knew he was the one. He spent the rest of the night at the animal hospital with me. When he proposed, he took me back to the pond and asked me to pose for a picture with my dog in that exact spot. Then he got on one knee and asked in the same spot where I realized he was the one. Just us and the dogs, how it all started.