Alicia and Bryan

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How We Met

Bryan and I met in August 2015…when he hired me for a marketing position at our current place of employment. If only we knew then what journey we were about to take just one year later…

Not only do we work together, but we also went to the same graduate school (shout out to Emerson College) and we were both in the same Master’s program…but three years apart.

The universe knew what it was doing. I firmly and wholeheartedly believe this.

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how they asked

It all started with Bryan’s best friend, a fake girlfriend and our favorite date night spot. You ready for this? Bryan and I love going to the Dorrance, which is this craft cocktail bar and restaurant set in an old federal reserve bank in RI. It’s our go-to date night spot and it’s where he first asked me to be his girlfriend on New Year’s Eve. Fast forward to three weeks before the proposal. His best friend, Corey, had just started dating someone new and we had plans to meet her with a group of our friends. For three weeks we had this group chat going about meeting her…three weeks.

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I had been a little suspicious of what was really going to happen this night but tried to put it out of my mind. The plan was to meet her at the Dorrance for drinks around 8 pm. I’ll never forget the feeling I had while at dinner, thinking maybe something was up. I even tried to check out his jean pockets to see if I could notice a ring box outline. No outline, no proposal. Or so I thought.

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We head to the Dorrance and arrive around 8:15. I made Bryan drive around looking for parking because I was in heels and didn’t want to walk, whoops. As we walk inside I head up the stairs and only make it halfway before seeing my cousin Bobby. Then I see everyone. The rest of my family. His family. My friends. His friends (but no new girlfriend, it was all part of the plan). Everyone was there waiting for us. He took my hand, got down on one knee and pulled the ring box out of his sock. I’ll never forget my favorite part of what he said to me, “I want to spend the rest of our lives feeding each other.” We love food. A lot.

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As if that wasn’t enough, he hired two incredible photographers to capture the night and hired a singer to perform my favorite Michael Buble songs. Seriously, he did it all. And I love him more than anything. He is my best friend. My soulmate. My fiancé. My future hubby. And I couldn’t be any luckier to call Bryan Ricard mine.

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Special Thanks

Sharum Photography
 | Photographer
Tony Cerbo
 | Singer
The Dorrance
 | Planning