Alicia and Arthur

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how we met

We met in San Diego, CA in October of 2008 through a mutual friend at a charity event/dance. At the event, the first thing I asked Alicia is if she would dance with me. She respectfully declined, however we ran into each other again later that year in December and have been inseparable since. We celebrated New Year’s in 2009 together and that was truly the start of it all.

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how they asked

Almost 7 years later and after many accomplishments together, I began planning my proposal to her. Over several months of planning, down to the smallest detail, I decided to propose to her in Carmel, CA at our favorite family “spot”, Garapata State Beach. We have many family memories there with our son and this place is very close to our hearts. I researched private chefs in that area and found Ms. Martenia Harris of Taste and Sea.

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Together we planned out a 5-course meal of Alicia’s favorite dishes. She was more than just a chef, she provided encouragements and words-of-wisdom that helped in my preparations. I contacted Roody, a filmmaker of Mr and Mrs Cinema who filmed Alicia’s friend’s destination wedding back in November of 2015 in Cabo San Lucas. He did such a wonderful job capturing the moment, that I knew I wanted to hire him to capture our special day. As I knew I would also want photos, I reached out to Christian Anguiano Photography for his talented work. The three of us collaborated for ideas to surprise Alicia in the grandest way. As she had previously met Roody, we decided the best thing to do was to blindfold her.

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On the day of the proposal, I arranged for Alicia to have breakfast-in-bed at the Tickle Pink Inn while I began setting up “the spot”. After breakfast, I asked Alicia to get ready for a morning surprise. I drove her, blindfolded, to Refuge Spa where she spent the next few hours relaxing. Little did she know, during those hours I was setting up with the help of our son and my good friend Lionel. I later picked her up from the spa and asked her to get ready for a special lunch date.

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During the 2-mile drive to “the spot”, I asked her to place the blindfold on again. I held her hand and walked her, as she’s blindfolded, down a sandy path, through a lily field, over a stream and down to the beach.

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As we approached “the spot” I asked her to unfold and I got down on my knee. I asked her if she would dance with me for the rest of her life and be my wife. She said, “of course!”

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