Alicia and Alexander

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World

How We Met

I was working two jobs and going to school full time, and I was beyond stressed out. The finals were over my head, my jobs were stretching me thin, and maintaining a normal life was merely impossible. My best friend decided she was going to have a house party in September of 2013. I was more than thrilled, and ready to relax and have a drink. All of our usual friends came, and then one of my friends had brought Alex. We were introduced to each other, and the rest….is obviously history. I’m not going to sit here and sugar coat things, we weren’t immediately lovey – dovey, we instead bloomed a beautiful friendship for almost a year, until we both realized how right for each other we really were. He may have realized it a little quicker than I did :)

how they asked

After dating for over two years, that eerie feeling of “what’s next” often pops up in a couple’s head. I had just graduated college, I landed a job in my true passion of hospitality and hotel management, and I was ready for the next step with the love of my life. We had planned to go to Disney for valentines day week, because the last few Valentine’s day’s were not our best. My fiance had gotten extremely sick one year leaving our valentines day plans on hold…but then forgotten. The following year we were snowed in. This year, we decided to get away from it all. We were so excited, and I thought, he HAS to propose i mean is disney ON VALENTINES DAY! Just before we left, he told me getting married was the last thing on his mind. He stated how i just finished school and got my job, i had too much going on to think about a wedding. We had also wanted to move in with each other, so he constantly told me, “one thing at a time babe”. I was CRUSHED. Here i am with this person for a long time, and we weren’t on the same page. Devastated, I knew I couldn’t let this ruin my vacation. I said screw it, i’m going to have fun regardless. On Valentines Day we had plans to go to Magic Kingdom and have lunch there. We had the Disney photo pass, and basically it was the best! You give them your phone and the photographers all throughout the park scan your phone, and your pictures are automatically uploaded to your phone! (Technology right?!) So we were in front of the Castle, ready for a picture. I heard him say something to the photographer, but I was too focused on fixing my hair. We take our picture and then he gets down on one knee and asked me to be his forever. Needless to say I was shaking, ecstatic and crying all at the same time. He really had me fooled. Almost a year later, and we are planning for our May 10th, 2019 wedding. We can’t be more excited to share our love with our friends and family.

Alicia and Alexander's Engagement in Walt Disney World