Alicia and Adam


How We Met: It was my going away party – I was moving to Vancouver Island for school. I had invited all of my friends over for an early christmas, end of semester get together and my brother had asked if he could invite a friend from work, I said sure – little did I know he would be inviting over my future husband. He arrived to our house later in the night, he didn’t even know my brother had a sister, and decided to come after waiting at a friends to receive the keys to his first ever ‘bachelor pad’ – but when they didn’t show up, he decided to come to the party. I was standing at the top of the stairs when he walked up. We both beamed at each other smiling. My brother introduced us, and then tried to keep us apart all night. He could tell what was happening, we knew right away. It was most definitely love at first sight. We talked all night long, he escaped away from my brother long enough to talk. Before he left at the end of the night we said goodbye, and the next day we were ‘Facebook friends’ – he asked if i wanted to meet up for a drink, and of course i said yes. We had 10 dates in the two weeks before i moved, and then did the long distance thing for a semester before i moved back home.

how they asked: We had been together for almost four years and had talked about getting married before. Me being a teacher and a highly-organized-over-thinker, had jokingly requested the proposal not be at night, outside, on a holiday, anniversary or birthday, and not in public. Instead, Adam decided that it would be a good idea to do ALL of those things. He proposed to me on our four year anniversary, the day before Christmas Eve, at night, in public, outside of the Christmas Train (our anniversary tradition) in Stanley Park, Vancouver. I was so shocked. A passer by videotaped it all after he asked her to ‘take a photo’ of us, before he dropped down to his knee beneath all the twinkling christmas lights.


Even Santa stopped by for a photo-op with us. It was incredibly magical and I was absolutely speechless. I’m so happy we had it on video to watch again. I’ll never forget that night.