Alice and Mark

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He planned a scavenger hunt for our anniversary and told me he was going to work, I came down stairs found a breakfast and a clue sending me on a scavenger hunt, the first clue toke me to our gym where we met and I picked up a dress he made me choose 2 months before and a clue sending me to my mom’s house where I had to get dressed and got another clue and my mom joined me to have my hair done where they gave me another clue sending me to have my makeup and nails done, again another clue putting me in Jaguar car which toke me to where we had our first date and my stepfather was waiting for me to lead me into the center of the park where it all took place.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Josh Bellian
 | Photographer and video and groomsmen
 | Hair
The ivy suite
 | Makeup and nails