Alia and Michael

How We Met

It was August and I was in my junior year at the University of Denver, and just got back from a trip to Harry Potter World with my best friend (I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan). This dating app called Tinder had just come out and I decided to try it out, not really thinking anything would come from it. I was laying in bed watching Cinderella and was aimlessly swiping. When I came across Michael’s profile, I obviously swiped right. The next day I opened the app and saw a message from him in my inbox: are you Cinderella? I have your glass slipper and I want to return it to you. Talk about a sign from the universe!

We ended up exchanging numbers and started talking daily. Because Tinder was so new, I was kind of sketched out and was nervous to meet up with some random from online. He asked me to hang out multiple times – rock climbing, coffee, hike, park – all normal public activities. I liked talking to him but I kept avoiding meeting up – what if he was creepy? Eventually, we stopped talking altogether. I was busy with sorority recruitment and I was content just doing my own thing. I thought that that was the end…..

Fast forward to November. I was home from college for Thanksgiving and since DU was on a quarter system, wasn’t going back to Denver until January. I was eating dinner with my family and heard my phone beep. I picked it up, and saw a text from Michael: “happy thanksgiving”. I quickly replied….but he never texted me back. That made me mad (I’m telling you, the chase lures you in). The next day, I made the decision to text him: “hey what’s up?. That’s the text that started it all! We talked every day during my break even though I was 2 hours ahead in Connecticut. The connection was real and I knew I was falling for him. I actually thought to myself, “he’s the one”. We planned to meet up on NYE, which was the day I got back from break. We met up that day, and he came out with me at night (have to give the guy credit he agreed to go out with 10+ college girls). I actually didn’t even make it out until midnight, I was exhausted. He brought me home and tucked me into bed.

Alia and Michael's Engagement in Angels Landing, Zion National Park

we hung out almost daily since that day and 2 weeks later, we had officially started dating. Shortly after he told me he loved me and we both knew we were each other’s “person”. Always swipe right!!

How They Asked

Michael had suggested going to Zion National Park a few months ago. We love to hike, so I excitedly agreed. We planned a road trip for my birthday in June. It was a 9-hour drive, but I was super excited because we had been dying to climb Angels Landing, the highest peak in the park. I was super nervous because this hike was tough.

The path was narrow and you had to hold on to a chain because it was too steep and narrow. Halfway up I had told him I wanted to go back down – the whole hight thing was freaking me out. He told me it wasn’t an option, which at this point frustrated me because I had 5 blisters forming in my feet and extreme anxiety. Needless to say, we got to the top.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Angels Landing, Zion National Park

Michael set up our GoPro (we were planning on making a video of our trip) and I assumed he was taking a video of the view, which was GORGEOUS. He told me to come to sit next to him so we could have a snack (at this point I was hangry). I asked him to get the beef jerky out and next thing I know he turned around and got on his knee. WHAT (I had always told him there’s no way he would be able to surprise me with engagement because I’m way too nosy) ?! This was 1 million times better than the jerky (sorry Costco, your jerky doesn’t even compare to this moment). We got to take a bunch of pictures on top, and everyone congratulated us. Best. Day. EVER.

for those who don’t know, Angels Landing was named because people who saw it’s so high only angels could land at the top – which makes the whole thing THAT much sweeter.

Note: we have an amazing video that’s not currently uploaded, but will share when it’s done