Alia and Chris

How We Met

Chris is my brother’s friend. We officially met when I moved into my brother’s house and the rest is history!

How They Asked

Chris is an 8th-grade teacher and I work as a 911 Dispatcher.

I worked 15 hours of overtime last night on my day off, unexpectedly got food poisoning and was throwing up through the night. I had rolled out of bed, just put deep conditioner in my hair and hopped in the car to take our dogs to the groomers. Chris needed to stop by his school to pick up his laptop. I told him to park on the backside of the school so no one would see me because I still wasn’t feeling good.

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Then all of a sudden, his students came out one by one with “ALIA WILL YOU MARRY ME” signs. Of allllll the days!!! We walk up to the school and were greeted by all of the students. They decorated his whole classroom and his kids were singing Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect” which was so fitting because although I felt awful, with no makeup, a head wrap, and wearing his clothes…he still made me feel perfect just the way I was.

Our groomers made the day even more special and dressed up our dogs to fit the occasion. This day was absolutely beautiful.