Ali and Zac

Image 1 of Ali and ZacHow we met: The summer before middle school, every student from the elementary schools in our community went to Camp Amigo to get know each other. During the week we got split into groups were we would do the normal camp activities, but everyday we would return to the Activities Building were we would be dismissed after singing the camp theme song. After the first day was wrapping up, we got seated to learn the camp song in the Activities Building. As we were sitting down I spotted the cutest boy I had ever seen. He happen to be an identical triplet with two other brothers that looked exactly the same. But, to me he was so different than his brothers. He wore a deer sweatshirt, he couldn’t, say his ‘r’s and what I loved the most was how he was always smiling or laughing. Finally, several days into camp I asked one of my soccer teammates that went to his school to introduce him to me after the camp song. As soon as we met I knew he would be my middle school boyfriend, but I didn’t know that he would then turn into my high school sweetheart, and future husband.

how they asked: We were driving up to Michigan to meet Zac’s family for dinner on the lake. As we were approaching the restaurant, he pointed at a sign that read “Amigo Centre”. I was confused to what Amigo Centre was and insisted he get going because we were already late for dinner. He reminded me when he said, “No, Ali it is Camp Amigo, we should go check it out. We haven’t been there in forever.” I was hesitant, because I am a very prompt person, and it was driving me crazy we were late. Image 2 of Ali and Zac

I finally caved and we quickly approached the legendary Camp Amigo. He pulled up to the Activities Building were he insisted we go inside. As we got inside, he grabbed my hand and led me to the a table with candles, the note he asked me out in, and pictures from all the years we have dated, but two pictures really stood out. He had our 5th grade pictures framed, the exact age we met. Finally, he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. After I said yes, he surprised me with having all of our family and friends awaiting us at dinner. It could not have been a more thoughtful and beautiful proposal.

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Photos by Anderson Photography