Ali and Tom

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How We Met

Tom and I met at my high school. I was coaching his then powderpuff team, as his assistance. He is a teacher there, at the school. :)

We started dating officially in 2011. We got our first home in June of 2014 and we got our first German Shepherd, Penny, in Dec. of 14. We extended the family with our newest GSD, Leroy, this past October. They are our whole world!

how they asked

On December 23rd, Tom finished school and came home to “hang out” and watch football with me the night before Christmas Eve. While I was watching TV with him and taking care of our two German Shepherds on and off, Tom asked if i wanted to play UNO. While I was in the mist of feeding the dogs, I said okay. He sort of sat there and stared at me until I sat down to pull out the cards from the Uno box. He told me I lost last game (which was just a few days before) so it was my turn to shuffle. As I took out the cards, I pulled out what i thought was our old score card, but it ended up being a folded up paper that said “will you marry me?!” Honestly, we decided on forever a long time ago. Without the fanfare. Without the ring. Without the production. With nothing but our words and our love, I’ve had no doubt that I have found the one in which my soul belongs to. But, I guess letting the world know without having to explain all the ways i love him.. the bling is easiest. I’m so thankful he is forever mine!! It’s about damn time. Thanks to Tom for choosing me, trusting me, and loving me. Time to pop the bubbly, I’m getting a hubby!!

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Special Thanks

Samantha Loshelder
 | Took pictures upon arriving moments later!