Ali and Shane

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How We Met

A few buddies and myself were fresh off of a beach trip and I had never heard of this “huge field party” event. They said that it was fun and that I had to go and experience it for myself. July 27, 2013 rolled around and while I was anxiously waiting for them to get back from a family thing they all of a sudden were undecided if they were still going to go or not. At this point I was getting a little bummed out because I couldn’t go by myself and I had no idea where this place was. I finally got them talked into it and we headed out.

We FINALLY get there and Kenney met up with us and we walked down towards the stage where the music was playing. Also, Paul brought Si along, he was probably the only dog at the place and everybody was going crazy wanting to pet this little lab puppy. So we’re having a good time and singing along with every song that the band is playing… A little while later I notice this blonde headed girl next to me. I just casually put my arm around her and kept looking forward like it was no big deal, expecting her to slide right out from under my arm. But to my surprise, she didn’t! When the song ended, I told her my name and after telling me three times, I finally understood her say her name was Ali. We stayed there dancing a while, when her and her friends noticed Si and pretty much started taking care of him. After the band at that time stopped playing, the next band came on and we weren’t really feeling their music. So, Ali asks if Paul and I wanted to come back to where they were hanging out. I told her “Of course we will” so we did.

We all go back and I met all of their friends they were with. We hung out a while and come to find out, one of her best friends dated my next door neighbor at the time . . . small world! The rest of the night was spent just talking and before I knew it Paul and I were on our way home. I get a text a little while later saying “Be careful going back” to which I replied “You too! It was nice meeting you”. That was it for a couple of days and then she texted me. We started texting more and more from then on. Fast forward about three weeks to one day we were texting and I asked her “Am I going to see you again before you go back to school?” And she replied “If you want to!” … Of course I did!!!

So, we met for lunch the day she was heading back for college. I actually had an interview that morning for my current job so I took a change of clothes with me and changed clothes in my car before I met her. We met and went to eat at Loco’s (I still remember the booth we sat at). I asked a lot of questions and she talked most of the time. The date went well for a first “official” date, we told each other goodbye, and the rest is history. . .

how they asked

A quick trip to Savannah with our good friends… turned into a night that I will never forget.

We have known for a while that we were going to get married and have even talked about wanting it to be next Spring. I told Shane that I (my mom) needed at least a year to get planning done while I am still in school and that we couldn’t start until we were engaged (but, no pressure!). For about two or three weeks leading up to the Savannah trip Shane was constantly bringing up how he wanted to buy this 70″ TV and I quickly let him know that I didn’t think he needed it. I mean a 70 TV, seriously?! Who needs a TV that big?!

*Fast forward to the Saturday before the Sunday he proposed*

Shane tells me that he is buying this gigantic TV when he gets off of work and asks me if I will help him put it on the wall. If you couldn’t guess, my answer was NO. I had decided to spend the day doing school work in order to catch up and so that we could leave for Savannah the next day… and HE was going to spend the day putting up this NEW TV?! Needless to say, I was not a happy camper for the remainder of the day (even after he came to my house and informed me that he didn’t actually buy the TV). At first I didn’t believe him, but he was still assuring me that he was getting it, they just didn’t have it in stock. My dad was even in on it and told Shane that he would help install it whenever he needed him to. *Insert eye roll*

I woke up in a good mood on Sunday because I knew that I had earned this little get-a-way and it would be nice to just forget about school for a day. We got to our hotel, which was the cutest, most retro hotel ever, and went down to River Street with our friends. Later that afternoon we headed back to the hotel to get ready for supper and to grab our cameras for good pics before the sun went down. Lighting was absolutely perfect on River Street by the water but the guys were determined that we were not taking pictures there because of people sitting in their cars looking at the water (clue #1 that I missed). I suggested that we go back to a pretty bridge that we had seen earlier and Shane quickly agreed (clue #2 that I missed, who is this man and where is the Shane who could care less about pictures?). We get to the bridge and I start to take pictures of our friends to realize that the auto-focus on my camera isn’t working (this really set the mood…not). Thankfully Abby had her camera and she could take some of Shane and I. We begin taking pictures and she tells Shane to kiss me on the cheek (so sweet) and shortly after this I begin to walk away to go see if I could fix my camera.

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Shane grabbed my hand and said “no, wait”… I turned around to see the box in his hand. It was overwhelming and all I could do was turn away from him! Was this really happening? I was about to say YES to the man of my dreams. I got myself together, the best I could, and turned around to find him on one knee and I heard him say the words that I have been looking forward to since the day I knew he was the one God handpicked just for me…

“Ali, will you marry me?”


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Special Thanks

Abby Williams
 | Photographer