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How We Met

I met my fiancé on Craigslist. But he was actually just my roommate at the time and we eventually started dating and fell in love. I never thought when he signed the lease almost 4 years ago that I would ever imagine us getting married. I adore him and couldn’t be happier that he applied for my apartment :)


how they asked

It all started when my boyfriend planted the idea in my head that he was a front runner for a promotion at his company. He then tricked me into thinking that we were going to meet the CEO of his company and his wife for lunch at the Ritz Carlton because his boss was staying there for the weekend and he had assumed it was to offer him the new title. I was nervous as could be to meet his CEO and for him to advance in his company so it took me all morning to get all dolled up to impress the boss. I had butterflies the entire way there. He got the manager of guest relations at the Ritz in on the surprise and when we arrived at the hotel he greeted us and pretended to not know a thing. My boyfriend asked him where the outside location was for the restaurant Raya, the restaurant I assumed we were meeting his CEO at for lunch, and then he offered to walk us there. We walked for what seemed like forever to the “restaurant” and walked up to a lawn in front of the hotel on the cliffs overlooking the beach.

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I remember asking where the tables were and then I saw a heart made out of rose petals on the grass and a small table with champagne and a mini Bluetooth speaker that was playing one of my favorite songs. Once I realized what was happening I immediately started crying. He grabbed my hand and said some beautiful things at which point I blacked out and don’t remember J. He then asked me to be his wife and once I said yes and the ring was on I heard loud cheering and screaming from up on a balcony at the hotel and it was my entire family. That was the moment I completely lost it and was crying like a baby. To top it all off he had his brother and sister in law, who are wedding photographers, hiding in the bushes capturing the entire thing. It was the best moment of my life and I get teary eyed every time I begin to think about that moment. It was simply magical.

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