Ali and Ryan

how we met

We met at Mississippi State during our undergrad! We had always been friends and ran in the same circle but never dated during our time there. I had applied to graduate school in Mobile, AL and he had taken a job in Pascagoula, MS so we ended up about an hour away from each other. One night, we ran into each other in downtown Mobile and hit it off again, we started dating and 2 years later we were engaged! It was like we never missed a beat, we are truly best friends!

how they asked

So, I love cows. A lot. Ryan always gives a lot of thought into anything he does and the proposal was no exception. All the way down to a drawn diagram of where everyone would stand and then come out after he had proposed.. but back to the cows. His grandfather owned a farm and had a lot of cows. We went to visit his grandparents for Christmas and Sunday we went to church and when we got back to the house, he asked if I wanted to go see the cows, I was kinda tired so I was like no let’s wait until Grandpa gets back and go later. Ryan wasn’t taking no for an answer so we ended up walking to the pasture. He put a lot of thought into and had signs out with bible verses and one that said ‘will you marry me?’ And I oblivious, walked right past them. Ryan said ‘Ali, do you noticed anything?’ I looked and started crying immediately and said ‘NO WAY’. He said a lot of sweet things that I couldn’t really comprehend and asked if I would marry him, I never actually said yes because I was UGLY CRYING LIKE REALLY UGLY CRYING. But he knew what that went ha! It was everything that I could have imagined!

Special Thanks

Justine & Wayne
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Dauphin Island
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Kendra Scott
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Nordstrom Rack
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