Ali and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I were introduced by a mutual friend (or as I like to say ambushed) because little did I know Ryan and this friend of ours had planned what I thought was a random encounter for many weeks. Here’s how it went: our mutual friend had recently adopted a dog – as a huge dog lover I had to come over meet the new addition. While I was there hanging out with my friend and meeting his sweet new pup, he informed me that a guy he wanted me to meet was on his way with a dog of his own, Gunner. Naturally, I started to panic since I had no idea I was being set up and needed time to go home and get ready – but there was no time for that, Ryan and Gunner would be there in 5 minutes. But needless to say it didn’t matter – I met Ryan and Gunner that day and Ryan asked me to dinner that week. We’ve been inseparable ever since!

how they asked

My parents were visiting us in Miami and we had plans to go to a University of Miami football game. Ryan and I are both alumni and we were excited to show my parents a true college football game. Ryan’s family lives in Miami and always comes with us to the games, so it was a special occasion that we all were there together and were able to get tickets in the same section (somehow Ryan pulled that off!). I began wandering around the pre-game tailgate grabbing my typical snacks and drinks and sat down with the family to talk about our weekend plans. All of the sudden, the team’s mascot, Sebastian the Ibis, came up to our table and asked me dance with him.

I was a little weary, but went along with it because you can’t say no to Sebastian. The next thing I know, Ryan asks Sebastian to step aside and is down on one knee asking me to be his wife. I was caught completely off guard but of course I said yes and I cannot wait for our future together!

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