Ali and Russell

How We Met

Russell and I met in middle school he was the funny guy who everyone loved. He played every sport and was friends with everyone at the school. I was the shy but bad girl in school who didn’t care for jocks or him for that matter. We went to separate high schools and lost touch. We reconnected in our 20’s and I gave him a ride home one night and he was a little tipsy and put on a Keith Sweat song on and sang to me all the way home. From that moment I knew no one could ever make me laugh like he could.

Image 1 of Ali and Russell

how they asked

When Russell asked me to be his girlfriend he put rose pedals all over my parents lawn which totally caught me off guard!. It was Christmas eve and he said we were going to have dinner with his parents and my parents. When we got there one of my best friends called me to go outside so we could exchange gifts. Little did I know my family and closest friends were in my parents backyard waiting for me. She asked me if we could go inside so she could say hi to my parents, We walked inside and could not find anyone so walked in the backyard..

Image 2 of Ali and Russell

There was Russell down this rose pedal walkway with candles lit all around and an arch he built with the prettiest lights on it. Playing one of my favorite songs by Hollywood Anderson “best Friend”. In balloon letters hanging in the background that said WILL YOU MARRY ME!

Image 3 of Ali and Russell

Image 4 of Ali and Russell

Image 5 of Ali and Russell