Ali and Phil

How We Met

7 years ago this November, I attended a party at Phil’s house which turned into a Summer Tradition! From that night on we were inseparable. We went through many life changes including attending college, graduations, completing a masters degree, and more. Who knew that our so called Summer Fling would have turned into forever!

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how they asked

Friday October 23rd 2015, we went to work as any other normal day. We texted throughout the day making plans to head up to Newburyport after work that night. I worked until about 5:30 hopped into my car and headed home. On my way I called Phil to check in to see where he was. He had said there was a lot of traffic on the highway and that he would be home in a bit. I pulled up in front of our house parked. I walked upstairs into our home where I found phil on one knee lit by candlelight and roses. He talked to me about our love and our relationship this past 7 years. He asked me to marry him and I (of course) said YES! It was the most amazingly perfect moment ever! After celebrating for a few minutes, he says “And you don’t have work tomorrow. And were going to Newport for the weekend.” He had planned this proposal but also surprised me with an amazing weekend away!

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Special Thanks

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