Ali and Mike

How We Met: When I met Mike, I was sitting on the floor of my best friend’s living room in gray sweatpants, a turquoise hoodie, and my hair in a messy bun with my glasses on. When he walked in and I met him for the first time, I had no idea that I was being introduced to my future husband. At the time, he had a math class with my best friend and he actually had a little crush on her.

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That quickly fizzled out as he saw that they were better off as friends. Soon after that, my best friend was performing in a dance showcase in San Francisco and because of the horrible traffic and parking situation, we decided to carpool together in my car.

After the show, we could not remember where we parked the car! We actually ended up walking around San Francisco for two hours! Time flew by as we got to know each other and our romance began that night. On May 31st of 2009, a couple months after that night, he asked me to officially be his girlfriend.

how they asked: Disney has always been a big part of our relationship. We went to Disneyland on our one-year anniversary and we both even took a year off from college to intern at Disney World together! Since last year, Mike had been saying that he wanted to take me to Disneyland for our sixth year anniversary in 2015. I love Disneyland so I was very excited to spend time with him at the happiest place on earth!

On June 2nd, the second day of our three-day trip, we had a perfect day. We spent the morning going on all of our favorite rides (that surprisingly had short lines!), going for a swim and just enjoying our time at Disneyland. We had reservations that night for Carthay Circle, an amazing fine dining restaurant, at California Adventure and were very excited to see the new World of Color show.

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Dinner was amazing and he told me at dinner that he couldn’t wait for us to be married. I was so happy to hear him tell me that. I should have known at this point that he had something up his sleeve but I still had no idea! After dinner, we went to go get a spot to watch the World of Color show. He told me that he would be right back that he was going to the restroom and he tried to walk away discreetly to give the camera to the cast member and get ready for the proposal but I followed behind after him because he forgot his ticket that he would need to get back to our section!

I almost ruined my own proposal! I then saw him give the camera to the Disney cast member and I thought he just wanted to take a picture because he had recently bought a fancy new camera but then instead of posing for a picture, he started telling me how much he loves me and how we have been together for a long time and many beautiful and romantic sentiments that anyone would be lucky to hear.

This is where I realized what was going on and I started crying tears of joy! As he asked me to marry him, I couldn’t even speak because I was crying so much and nodded my head to say yes! He slipped the most beautiful princess-cut diamond ring on my finger and made me so happy! Right after the proposal, Disney made it extra special by rushing us to a VIP area to watch the World of Color and we even got to meet Mickey Mouse after the show!

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After we got back to the hotel for the night, we wanted to see the pictures and video that the cast member took but we were disappointed to see that the cast member missed most of the proposal! We were disappointed that we didn’t have a good video or pictures of him down on one knee but we were still so happy to be engaged!

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The next day, my fiancé, proposed to me for the second time in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland and this time, the Photopass photographers captured the magical moment! It was an amazing moment as the crowd around the castle cheered for us! So in the end, I got two beautiful Disneyland proposals! I cannot wait to start my Happily Ever After with my true love!

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