Ali and James

how we met

We met about 10 years ago! He actually asked me out when I was in college and I said NO! I was not in the place for a serious relationship and knew that saying yes to one date would never just be one date. We continued to hangout through friends and went country dancing as a group often – James has some serious moves! Fast forward three years and I mentioned that if he asked again my answer would be different. Right before our first date we ended up going on an accidental date (our other friends bailed) to the Diamondbacks game and let’s just say it was a HIT (pun intended).

how they asked

We were traveling during the summer of 2018 in Australia. I briefly thought that he may propose during the trip but decided against it due to logistics. After the first couple of days enjoying our amazing trip together I completely put the thought of the proposal out of my head. About a week in we flew from Sydney to Cairns for the remainder of our travels. We had begun the day having coffee at a plantation then explored the Chillagoe Caves – splunking style. We then had incredible BBQ (barbie for the aussies), visited Balancing Rock (an Aboriginal art site) and finally pet the cutest and chunkiest wallabies. On our way back to town James asked our tour guide to let us out by the water so we could have a scenic walk back. As soon as the sun started to set James set up his camera to take some pictures by the water. However, when we were supposed to smile he dropped down to one knee. James ended up putting his phone on video and got the entire proposal on camera. It was a picture perfect moment that was secluded and perfectly intimate. After saying YES! I pleaded with James to get us back closer to the boardwalk – keep in mind that we had been on a crocodile adventure the day before and we learned to never your back to the water.

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