Ali and Dylan

Image 1 of Ali and Dylan

How We Met

It’s kind of a funny how it all works out, right? Rewind to 2018, I was the maid of honor in my best friend Emmy’s wedding. One of the groomsmen in that wedding happened to be this guy named Dylan Freeman. I was the brides college roommate and Dylan was the grooms college roomate. I was quite busy with my MOH duties and worrying about my speech to notice this cute groomsman, not to mention I was dating someone else at this time. So Dylan and I never properly met at this wedding but we are literally next to each other in photos. Fast forward to two years later, I’m single and hanging out with the same bff, Emmy, at her gender reveal party. She asks if I’m seeing anyone and I say no. She’s like “well, what about Dylan?” And I’m confused, not knowing a Dylan. She pulls up pictures and I obviously think he’s very cute. She told me a little bit more about him and then we chatted about other random topics. Later that night, I hop on Hinge to show Emmy some potential dates and the very first person that pops up is Dylan. So weird right?? So I “hearted” his photo and about 2 weeks go by. I forgot all about it. Then he pops back up on my phone and is like “hey! want to go on a date on Saturday?” *it’s literally Thursday* but I say sure! Why not. We went on our first date December 19, 2020 and it lasted a solid 7 hours. We couldn’t stop talking and it was INSTANT chemistry and the rest is history 🤍

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How They Asked

We had a vacation planned to go visit some friends that live in Montana. We knew we had to visit glacier national park! Dylan had apparently had this planned for awhile, but wasn’t quite sure where the right place to get down on one knee was since he had never been before. I had no idea what was going on so when we stopped to snap a photo, Dylan started telling me how much he loved me. Seconds later, he’s telling me how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and got down on one knee. It was truly the BEST day of our lives and in the most beautiful location I could’ve ever imagined.

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