Ali and Drew

Proposal Ideas El Moro- Laguna Beach, CA

How We Met

16 year old me saw this hot, tall surfer boy across the room and immediately caught each other smiling. 7 years later, I said yes to forever with him.

Drew and I met when I was a sophomore in high school and he was a senior. Our engagement officially makes us High School Sweethearts!! A girlfriend of mine introduced us through mutual friends.. We went to different high schools so this was the first time we met. Wow was I smitten… He just had this energy about him and let off so much light. We both remember a special something about one another, Drew claims it was my tan skin and brown eyes.

We saw each other at events a couple times and always gravitated towards each other. After a couple weeks, we agreed to go on our first date… the movie theater. After this night, we have not spent more than 2 weeks apart in 7 years. We are inseparable and in the healthy way. We truly just love each other’s company and spending time together. We live in Southern California and moved into our first home this past summer. We also got our first dog together, Larry David Primrose who is the cutest Standard Apricot Golden-doodle in the whole world. If you don’t believe me, just check out his instagram @larrydavidprimrosethedoodle. Our days off are spent getting sun kissed at the beach and lounging around our beautiful home.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in El Moro- Laguna Beach, CA

Ali's Proposal in El Moro- Laguna Beach, CA

Marriage Proposal Ideas in El Moro- Laguna Beach, CA

Ali and Drew's Engagement in El Moro- Laguna Beach, CA

How They Asked

8.19.19 was my 23rd birthday and one of the best days of my life. Drew made reservations at Driftwood Kitchen, a Laguna Beach hotspot that I happen to love! We wined and dined with oysters, tuna and our favorite cocktails as celebratory tradition. After the amazing meal was over, Drew asked if I wanted to go to our favorite cove and watch the sunset. Who would decline that offer? So this was the first yes of the night.

After strolling to the end of El Moro beach and touching “our rock” to walk back… Drew hesitated to walk forward. I immediately turned around and saw that he was getting on one knee. He began with telling me that I was the love of his life and soul mate, then asked if I would do forever with him.

This was the last and best YES of the night. I blacked out and we both are unsure of my exact response but I cried and screamed and gave him the deepest kiss I could. After rising from being swept off my feet, I turn around to find our dearest friend and favorite photographer, Valerie capturing the magical moment. We posed and had some natural candid photos taken of us and our excitement. A few minutes later, a clan of 10 starts approaching our side of the beach. IT WAS OUR FAMILY running towards us with beautiful florals, cakes & donuts, and picnic baskets full of champagne! I immediately starting balling (again) and was filled with joy. We gathered and laughed as our parents expressed their blessing. Drew and I could not be more excited for the journey ahead. #alisdreamcomedrew #becomingaprimrose

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