Ali and Devin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Falmouth, Massachusetts

How We Met

Devin is all about family – from his to mine, he loves being surrounded by family members! I met Devin the year after I graduated college and we connected at a local bar in the town I grew up in. I wanted someone to dance with when no one else was dancing at the bar and he instantly offered to be my dance partner. Little did I know that he would become my life partner. Devin had known my sister for years and asked her that night for my number. She instantly approved! Since then, we have been best friends – laughing and loving together through it all.

How They Asked

Even though Devin loves family, he also loves to keep emotional and intimate moments between us only. That’s why I was incredibly surprised when he got down on one knee at my parents’ house in front of our family! It was so incredibly special and none of us will ever forget that day.

Proposal Ideas Falmouth, Massachusetts