Ali and Brandon

how we met

We actually used to work together and were randomly assigned as a team for a project. It was our first time talking, and we inevitably discussed our interests outside of work, one that we both enjoyed was hiking – our first hangout/date was a pretty strenuous hike at three sisters falls (her idea).

how they asked

After reaching out to her family members and getting their blessing, I decided on Windansea beach due to Ali mentioning she used to go there all the time by herself because it was a beautiful, quiet beach. I got the perfect ring and planned what I wanted to say. I organized a photographer (yourself) to be camped out (there are always a few there so it didn’t look suspicious) and capture the moment. I kept the details vague for a couple of weeks and told her I had a cute date day planned and to “just go with it”. After our surprise proposal, we headed to brunch where her mom and aunt surprised her by driving from Arizona to meet us. Later that evening, I organized all of our closest friends to meet us for a celebration. We are still reflecting back on how perfect that day was and how lucky we are for everyone involved. The photos are absolutely perfect and we will cherish the memories forever.

Special Thanks

Paul Douda Photography
 | Photography
WindandSea Beach
 | Location