Ali and Benjamin

Image 1 of Ali and Benjamin K.

How We Met

The I was a single mom who had recent graduated from college. I started working at a company that handled corporate sales and I thought it was something that could advance my career. Unfortunately it was not for me and made me super sad and uncomfortable, so I quit and went back to waitressing at a night club. The last thing I expected was to meet my future husband doing bottle service. But one night a man dressed in a dapper suit, who looked very out of place, asked me on a date. And although I made him wait two months for a real date, as soon as it happened I knew I met the one. And 1.5 years later, that feeling was confirmed.

how they asked

On my birthday Ben gave me a gift. As I opened it I realized it was a beautiful shimmering Christmas ornament of the Eiffel Tower. I was happy but kind of confused. So I opened the rest of the gift which was tickets to Paris and photos of our three night stay at a palace, the Shangri-La. I was amazed.

Our second evening at the hotel. We were enjoying the brilliant evening show of the gleaming, sparkling Eiffel Tower. While sitting on the edge of our terrace and gazing at the tower I looked over to Ben and said, “wow it really doesn’t get any better than this!” In that moment he, knelt down to one knee, “well, it might get a little better. Will you marry me?” At that moment he opened a big black box that revealed a beautiful ray of light. ‘Omg’ I thought, my mouth dropped and my breath shortened. My eyebrows lifted and my mouth opened wide as my hands naturally drew to cover it. I loudly whispered, “Absolutely !!!!!!”

Image 2 of Ali and Benjamin K.