Ali and Alex

How We Met

Alex and I met while working at different locations of the same Michigan-based company. In July of 2014, we were both assigned to complete a series of training sessions that took place on Friday afternoons at our corporate headquarters. We quickly began to bond as the weeks passed, saving seats for each other and sharing private jokes. On one of those Fridays, Alex caught me off guard by asking for my phone number at the copier. Yes, at the copier. Although I was definitely interested in him, I was very nervous about being viewed as unprofessional, so I apologetically declined.

To this day, he loves to tease me about how I “rejected” him that first time! Not one to be discouraged easily, Alex continued to be patient and a gentleman. On a Saturday evening in late September, I met him for our first date and we were inseparable from then on. Several happy months later, Alex and I rang in 2015 together at the Fillmore Theater’s annual New Year’s Eve party in Detroit (courtesy of Alex’s brother, who used to be the venue’s production manager before a promotion took him to Colorado). It was that night, he has since told me, that Alex realized he wanted to marry me. And so it was fitting that a year and a half later, he led me back to that very spot…

how they asked

On a seemingly normal Sunday night, Alex mentioned to me that his brother (the one from Colorado, mentioned above) had gotten us invited to another party at the Fillmore. The event was the very next night, so Alex and I made plans to head there right after work on Monday. The Fillmore is a beautiful historic theater in the heart of Downtown Detroit, so I was not at all suspicious when he suggested that I get dressed up for the “party.” As we arrived at the Fillmore the following evening, Alex led me through the side door of the theater. As soon as we entered the building, I became very confused.

The theater was dark and quiet, not at all like the big party he had told me we were attending. As he pulled back the curtain to lead me onstage, our favorite City and Colour song began to play. I froze as soon as I heard it; then I saw that the entire venue had been filled with flickering candles and rose petals.

At the center of the stage stood a small table with a bottle of champagne. When we reached the middle of the room, he pulled my grandmother’s ring out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

I was so stunned that I could not even say “yes” – I was literally speechless. All I could do was dazedly smile and nod in approval, and then we shared a dance while the song finished. After a long kiss, he grinned and told me to turn around and wave. That was when I saw both of our families, who had been hiding up in the balcony the entire time! He had even flown his brother all the way in from Colorado to celebrate with us. Unbeknownst to even Alex, his siblings had hired photographers to capture the entire happy evening.

So after sharing a celebratory champagne toast with our parents and siblings, we proceeded to have our first set of engagement photos taken around the venue. The final surprise came when they all led me outside to the front of the theater, where Alex had arranged to have “Congratulations Alex & Ali” displayed on the Fillmore’s marquee. Anyone who knows Alex knows that typically, when he makes up his mind about something, he does not wait; he acts right away and does not waste any time.

That is one of the characteristics that I love the most about him, as I am a much more hesitant person and tend to overthink things. With that said, I cannot believe the amount of time and planning he put into this special night, and I am so incredibly grateful.

But most importantly, I love him for knowing how important it would be to me to have our families there with us. I cannot describe the feeling of saying “yes” to the love of your life, and then turning around to see your parents’ and siblings’ smiling faces. I had already known that he was the perfect man for me, but his gorgeous and thoughtful proposal has made me so proud to be marrying him.

Special Thanks